[ Marching past March ]

I’m glad you asked. Yes, I decided to resort to a less obvious title for March’s update. Thirty-one days just passed in front of (and sometimes behind) me like soothing wind that breezed past me, blowing every strand of hair and nerves of my body, and gave me a tingling sensation. When the wind stopped blowing, it felt like another season was approaching and such a stagnant period as now is the time to prepare to be swept away by yet another gust of life. Seize the moment, we often hear, but the truth is the moments seize me into the zeal and complexity of life.

The month began with introductions to new people and new knowledge of old buddies, intercepted with a farewell of a brother to a better land in the middle, and ended with the realization that there  is always a way when there is a will. Although not as dramatic as it sounds, here is a list of some lessons I learnt that I managed to desperately squeeze out of my cerebral juices while replaying in my mind the story of my life in the past month.


  • Smile, smile, smile! You can never get wrong with smiles. Err, that may be the case unless you do it for no reasons?
    Whether to a complete stranger or to an old friend of yours, smiling bridges the gaps between two persons.


  • The amount of effort you put in does not equate to the amount of success you will achieve. Life just doesn’t work that way, I guess.
    For example, the number of hours I clocked in to revise for my thermodynamics test did not accurately reflect the grade I scored. I didn’t get the thermodynamics concept that work administered into the system can be lost as heat and whatnot, after all. Perhaps mine vanished into thin air.


  • Have a firm belief in your mind before, during, and after making a decision. Words of people can sway your perception. Soon after you realize it, you know you don’t want to regret that decision.
    When trapped in a situation where all else fails, deferment until you are really sure is the way to go!

  • Be selfless to define your self. As oxymoron as it sounds, it is true.
    Cast your care upon those who need it even though your mind might tell you otherwise.

  • Making an effort to make time and making time to show your efforts are two best ways to let people know you appreciate them.

  • Everything seems impossible if you don’t try. However, everything becomes possible even if all you do is take one small step of faith.

Here I come, April!








Image source: tumblr

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