[ Discrimination is skin-deep ]

Born into this world with no options given, I am who I am.

Probably even if I could, there might not be any left for me since they were all already taken.

It has been predestined, after all.

Nothing more and nothing less I do will change my identity.

I don’t disapprove of being who I am but circumstances seem to distract me to.

I’m sorry if my long eyelashes intimidate you.

Pardon me if the shape of my nose offends you.

If my eyes happen to meet yours, I apologize on their behalf.

However, I am just like any of your counterparts.

Only of different colours, different manners of doing things, different languages.

These diversities, nevertheless, shouldn’t shut down the possibilities for human connections.

Get to know me, talk to me, or perhaps just one smile is all I ask.

Then, and only then, are you allowed to decide whether to rule me out of your social circle.

My skin colour, my cultural behaviour, and the language I speak unfortunately don’t translate me into being a decent individual as well.



Nepal: one example of the rare occasions of cultural immersion


This is a reflection of thoughts that I had recently since I got the privilege to have deep interactions with people of different racial and cultural backgrounds. It has indeed opened my eyes to things that have all along been stereotyped. The condensed vapour that has been our spectacles can finally be wiped up just because we bother to. Sometimes our actions and words may vary towards certain groups of people subconsciously. It is not innate, nor is it an excuse for simply being human. We are in complete control of our behaviour and, coupled with some effort, we can surely transform our hearts.

Discrimination is skin-deep, it doesn’t determine the heart.







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