[ April fools me ]

So it turned out that people were instead looking forward to April, and no less April Fools’ Day. This led me to the conclusion that my trust in people was in vain, people were never dependable, and that I shouldn’t have placed any hope in people no matter what. It would make me a fool if I were to do that when I reckoned the one pulling the prank should actually be the fool. Why was I the fool one, then? I guess, the ultimate foolishness arises when a fool is trusting someone not to play fool tricks on April Fools’ Day, and no less any other day.

Did you just fall for that? I’m sorry if I tripped you up. ;) Even the giant company Google managed to pull my leg, figuratively and literally, out of my bed to join the Pokemon hunt around the world. For the first time in my life I travelled the world in less than 24 hours!


  • In all seriousness, have fun!

    I managed to proudly strike one bullet off my to-do lists! Try heading to a hair salon and request for some crazy colours or highlights you never imagined yourself living with! I did, had 4-hour-long-of-waiting fun, spent extravagantly but it was worth it. Or, simply try doing something you’ve never done before! The ride will be worth it.

    This ride! No?


  • Sometimes when you get angry with other people either for their behaviour or attitude, you are actually angry with yourself.

    I had to learn this the hard way and realized that the core of the problem is myself, my own negative and pessimistic thoughts. It was the frustration of not being able to salvage the situation and the disappointment that people did not meet the expectations I subconsciously set for others that got the better of me. One instantaneous remedy is to take a deep breath and keep chanting “I’m better than this“, preferably not too loudly lest your neighbours misunderstand you. Prayer or meditation helps, too!


Meditate the negative energy away


  • When all else fails, get away from the source of annoyance emotionally and physically!

    I have been pestered to agree to a seemingly-profitable-in-the-long-run deal for weeks and have been rejecting it ever since. However, no amount of ‘NO’s would appease her that day. Despite her persuasion and reasoning that almost got me to say ‘yes’, I put on my most sincere mask and politely turned her down when in fact I temporarily switched off my humanity mode (yes, learned that phrase from The Vampire Diaries) just so that I didn’t fall into the trap. Wait, was it a trap in the first place? Never mind that. Cut to the chase, I tried any imaginable ways out of the situation but none seemed to work. As desperate as I could be, I excused myself to the restroom and found myself running away with an apology and some sensible justifications. I had to, okay!



  • Your heart controls your mind. You excel in things you put your heart into.

    This fact is especially tangible during exam period. You can’t expect the many chapters of econs to get absorbed when all you have in mind is what to splurge on in Topshop on weekend, can you? Well, unless you put those economic principles into practice during shopping; but that will be a different story altogether. Do what you love and love what you do. Nevertheless, get your responsibilities taken care of and set your priorities right!


Write your heart out


MAY the odd be in my favour!








Source of images: tumblr

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