[ Six types of holiday manager ]

  1. The well-organized director

    Itineraries are in order, flights booked, accommodation arranged way before the holiday has even started. In the occasion where flying is not possible,  events and/ or activities have already been well-planned. Yearly goals and resolutions are being fulfilled and there is no time to waste to not catch up on some yoga classes or guitar lessons.
    Are you one?

  2. The saint executive

    Liaison with many non-profit organizations has been the fuel which kick-starts the whole project way before the holiday has even started. When the arrangements have been approved, the crucial recruitment of volunteers ensues to ensure that the objectives of the expedition and whatnot are fulfilled. Days preceding the big day are well-spent to prepare the administrations, logistics, and finances for a holistic completion of the planning. To make a difference, it is.
    Are you one?

  3. The well-organized and saint executive

    Either alternately or consecutively, the balance between having self-enrichment and doing good deeds is maintained to make the holiday more meaningful. Multitasking is the talent possessed since juggling between signing up for German intensive courses while looking for the best flight deals in town and drafting a project proposal while looking for volunteers is absolutely necessary.

    Are you one?

  4. The dedicated producer

    Résumés modified to different job scopes are ready for submission whenever there is a job vacancy available. Friends and acquaintances are kept in touch since connections may play a big part in securing that part-time retail assistant position in the admired boutique. Shopping lists and any kind of wishlists are about to be accomplished when the pay day arrives and, soon after, the bank account is left with a negative.
    Are you one?

  5. The adventurous administrator

    Trying new things is the major expertise but that stops there. The ukulele purchased with hard-earned money is blanketed in dust at one corner of the room after strumming merely a song or two. The collection of special-edition fiction novels also suffers the same fate. Sharing the same destiny are the tons of scrap-booking kits bought in many different places which end up tattered and torn and hence useless.

    Are you one?

  6. The easygoing supervisor

    The holiday is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest with no obligation, like nobody else.
    Are you one? You are surely one.







Source of images: tumblr

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