[ Let it go ]

As addicted I am to the Frozen‘s theme songs as everybody else, I’ll have to eventually let it go.

I have never seen real snow before and I thought the snow that night glowed so white as if it was blanketing the mountain of doubts inside of me. There was a pang of isolation in that place. Despite trying to conceal and not feel, it was icy cold and I could feel my whole body trembling but my toes. I let it go since I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I didn’t care what they were going to say as the cold always bothers me anyway.

I was content that the fears that once controlled me couldn’t get to me at all. It was time to see what I could do to test my limits and break through. There was no right, no wrong, and no rules for me. I was free to release the inner child inside of me. I went up carrying the hefty snow tube, comfortably positioned my backside in the middle, dragged the tube down the slide and across the bump with my excitement. Repeat.

I just let it go, I knew that that perfect girl was gone. There I stood in the cold of the technology-made winter and let the frostbite bite since the cold always bothers me anyway.


Despite the limited array of exhibition incomparable to Harbin and the anaesthetizing temperature, the beauty and delicacy of the ice art was a sight obviously worth more than my miserable toes. If you are in Singapore, you can make a trip to the exhibition which is still chilling until mid-June. Don’t worry, they are not trying to set off an eternal winter everywhere.

Also, read on how I survived the madness.


4 thoughts on “[ Let it go ]

  1. soo pretty, actual snow is gorgeous however the snow/ ice on roads is so hazardous and it stinks so bad, let alone having to brush the heavy stuff off of your car in the morning (and midday as well as at night) and it’s so cold! Case in point snow is pretty to look at from inside near a fireplace or to be in for 40 min tops!

    • Hi gir1iegir1ie,

      Thank you so much for sharing! I wonder how I’d survive in winter, when I am outside. without being grouchy all day. Haha.

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