[ May the odd be in my favour ]

FIVE lessons in the FIFTH month which may seem odd but do me a favour:

  • Talk the talk AND walk the walkI have talked about being positive, tried my best to shed some light on things that happened unknowingly in the past, (hopefully) inspired and encouraged some of you. The past month has got me to reflect on whether I have all along been walking the talk. Honestly, sometimes pride and doubts overtake and distort my reasoning, for mere self-interest, when I actually know the right thing to do. It is embarrassing but it does happen in life. We have only one life to live, why waste it on benefiting one at the expense of many?

    Deny ourselves and give to others; that is when we will receive the ultimate satisfaction in life. Let me re-define what my blog is about. *clear throat*

    Shedding light to give some life.


  • Mother is the greatest hero(ine) of all time

    This is in conjunction with Mother’s Day which falls on the second Sunday of May. Well, every day is a mother’s day, only without the capital letters.She nurtures people to become mature. Although I have received a lot of scolding from my mother, those harsh words are meant for me to reflect upon and grow out of. Often times, we are too focused on what is happening that we do not consider what is impending. Mother is able to see past the present and through to the future, way better than X-Men.

    She unites people. She creates a familiar ambiance in which two or more human beings, who knew nothing as they came into the world, learn to cope with their surroundings. If not for mother sharing every drop of blood and enduring the 9-month cycles (and many years to come), there won’t be a saying that blood is thicker than water.

    She does things others would do for money.

    She knows how to solve everything.

    Yes, every single thing, down to a tee.

She is a miracle worker.


  • Do not give up until you achieve the best

    If you haven’t been able to snatch that great deal for the pair of shoes you have been eyeing for months, you should keep searching until you find the better ones. Just like I did not give in to the deal which was oh-so-convenient but would cost me quadruple of what I eventually managed to get my hands on.

    Don’t settle for the second best, unless the first best is unavailable, of course.

    I gotta find you.


  • Being alone is not the same as being lonely

    It has been emphasized time and again from the scene of Neil and Eady talking in the movie Heat (1995) to the song Stronger (2011) by Kelly Clarkson and Fucked Up Kids (2013) by the Maine.

    Being alone is to be with no company. It is a physical state of being. Being lonely means to feel like the world and its people are separate entities from you. Both are up to our decision. We can choose to be alone but not lonely for the very obvious reason that there are other people in the surrounding. Or, we can choose to be lonely despite having company.

    The clear winner?

    Heat (1995)


  • Unusual hair gets people talking

    Ever since I dyed my hair, many people who would otherwise not know I existed took the initiative to talk to me. I don’t know whether to feel flattered or insulted. Flattered because of the oh-so-many compliments I heard about my hair or insulted simply because my hair (and my hair only) received the ultimate attention. Eventually, I settled on the middle ground and realized I just farted. Not that farted but the wasting-time-on-silly-or-trivial-things farted.

    Alright, this is getting odd.







Source of images: tumblr

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