[ Myths and truths of being tall ]

Being tall has always been associated with power, dominion, and elegance. Although I may not be the perfect person who can identify with the joy and pain of being blessed with surplus height, I have been through that path before. I was the tallest during my first to fourth grade. I was mistaken as a model, a basketball player, a swimmer (or for that matter, an athlete). I have been in a lot of mishaps due to my towering height. People always wonder how I grow to become so tall.

I just do, okay! Let me clarify a thing or two, my friend.


Vertical growth stops at 21
Truth or myth?

Myth. It all depends on genes and body postures. If your parents and/ or relatives are of higher-than-average heights, you are bound to continuously have the same gene despite your age, and vice versa. Slouching will (obviously) make you look shorter while stretching will (probably) help in the lengthening of the body.

On a side note, I am way past the puberty age and still growing vertically (and with no doubt, horizontally) as fast as 2 centimeters in 2 years! Therefore, do not lose heart even though you are older than 21 years old for when there is a will, there is a way.

Stretch that curve, baby!


Your parents must be tall when you are tall
Truth or myth?

Myth. The world is fair, or not. All other factors come into play when the role of genes is in question. My siblings and I are the tallest among our cousins although our parents are just average. How come, you ask? I guess, one thing rules it all – natural selection: survival of the fittest, they say.


Unless you are a model, wearing heels without being told off is bliss
Truth or myth?

Truth. Jealousy is the root of all evil and so is lack of self-esteem. It hurts a little when we are being discriminated just because of something we are naturally born with. Excuse us, it is our choice and you should have no business in it.

Well, unless we overlook your presence and happen to step on your tiny toes.


You do not need to tiptoe in the crowd
Truth or myth?

Truth, when the crowd is shorter than you, as in most cases.
Myth, when the crowd is as tall as, if not taller than, you. Contract those calf muscles, baby!


Being asked about your height is annoying
Truth or myth?

Truth. It is acceptable when one person asks and that is the end of it. It becomes annoying once another person asks the same thing, and another and another and another. That being said, wearing a shirt which reveals our height will attract more attention?







Source of images: tumblr

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