[ A trip turned a trap ]

Deep down, I believe that every trip is NOT the same despite it being to the same destination with the same bunch of people. There is always something different to look forward to, to experience, and to get to know. I just came back from my hometown last weekend after reliving my childhood memories and spending time with my loved ones for two weeks. That explains the awkwardly missing weekly-photo-challenge post and whatnot since the internet connection back home never fails to disappoint me, hourly. Nevertheless, the lack of interaction with the virtual world has made me realize that social interaction with fellow humans in the real world is something to be cherished and eternally upheld.

Visiting places that I have been to countless times since I was young brought back old memories but created yet a novel one. The typical fruit stalls from which we used to buy a huge bunch of bananas, salak (a.k.a. snake fruit), and whatever seasonal fruits available on that day look just like how they used to. The guided horse ride which I’d otherwise be excited to do if I was still a child is still existing, only with fewer patrons.


It is so soothing to see green and blue, sometimes with a tinge of amber; a sight seldom seen in a big city. It was a break from honking vehicles, piles of paperwork, and loads of fast foods. We definitely broke free from our comfort foods and ventured into something we’d have never imagined ourselves digging into. Regarding the meat we timidly savoured, it is open for interpretation and imagination.

To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with road trips in my country. Sure, they are full of surprises and unexpected encounters such as a big truck suddenly breaking down in the middle of the road and the poorly constructed road being flooded with water from previous night’s downpour. However, all these lead to endless sitting in the car and it could be unbearable without proper entertainment such as snacks and music. The latter was missing and all we had was intermittent chatters.

I was so engrossed with the beauty that nature portrays and the warmth of home which I missed so much, that I was unwilling to part ways with it. It was, after all, a trap!


2 thoughts on “[ A trip turned a trap ]

  1. What a great trap! This truly is a part of the world I am dying to visit. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    • Dear Stéphane,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to drop by and say hi.

      France is surely no less beautiful than this part of the world? ;)

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