[ If not for fear ]

If not for fear,
I would achieve greater things beyond my wildest imagination.
I would step over my own irrational trap countless times.
I would reach up to the sky even when my hands weren’t long enough.
I would dive into any opportunities regardless of the risks.

If not for fear,
I would be living my dream.
I would assume no hindrances which stopped me from trying.
I would do the unconventional.
I would have no worries of making mistakes.

But if not for fear,
I would not have been driven to counter my wildest imagination.
I would not have created my own boundary in the first place.
I would not have even bothered to stretch out my arm.
I would not have discovered that there were far greater things yet to be unfolded.

I am thankful I am capable of feeling fear.
Without it, my life could be better.
With it, though, my life is much more exciting.


This post is published in response to the Daily Prompt: Fearless Fantasies


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