[ Away for adventures ]

It has been an embarrassingly lengthy hiatus from blogging, I know. I AM IN EDINBURGH [read: /ɛdɪnbərə/]!!! It is truly the most beautiful city I have ever been to and by beautiful, I really mean BEAUTIFUL! Now, even that word is an understatement. By the way, I think it’s the weather here that forces me to be in the hibernation mode and to snuggle in my blanket of procrastination or pure sloth. In all seriousness, though, I honestly apologize and secretly hope that none of you unfollowed me or forgot about my existence. It is inevitable; it is real that blogging requires deep commitment and conviction to follow through till the end. I salute you, consistent and regular bloggers!

Alright! I’m not here to rant about my negligence or make an apology speech, although I just did — but to fill you in on how I screwed up. Big time! I’m away to a faraway land to find myself and then lose myself, only to find it back again. This is my first time setting off on a long-term and long-distance adventure together with the seemingly piling worries and unsettling fears. Not that I haven’t had that before but this time the intensity is magnified due to the lack of an alive and breathing company.

I made it through the 15 hours of being up in the air unaware of what I had signed up the next 4 months or so of my life for. Anyhow, here I am!

..barely surviving..

..and all alone.

That’s true. I am alone; knowing only one person who is not even going to be within close proximity to be tagged along with. I am alone; accompanied only with my bulky backpack and heavy suitcase which sometimes can get too emotionally attached to me. I am alone; directionless and clueless about anything and everything. However, I am surrounded by warm and helpful people despite the chilly weather. I am alone; but fortunately brave enough to embrace the fact that I am alone but not lonely.

I shall stop the poetical nonsense or nonsensical poet, whichever is to your preference. It’s time for the saying that pictures speak a thousand words..

..and more..

..although captions are really necessary in some cases.



Now you see, beautiful?

P.S. More pictures on the way!



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