[ I am home ]

I am ten thousand kilometers away for adventures but I am not faraway from home.
I am away from the physical home in which I nurture my two younger siblings,
in which all the worries of life rest comfortably on my pillow every night,
the home that I am so familiar with I often take it for granted.
I am away from the usual routes and paths I travel on the way to school,
and faraway from the people I recognize, am acquainted with, or know inside out..

..but I am not that faraway from home.


I may be distances away from where I was brought up but yet feel so homey.
Or, I can be at the heart of my origin but yet feel so terribly remote and lonely.

Home is the state of mind.
It is where I nurture the thoughts and love of my family,
where I am letting my life worry about itself,
where every little thing is cherished despite its lack of familiarity.
I often go astray but somehow always end up reaching my destination.
I bump into people I knew nothing about but somehow end up knowing something about them.

I am not that faraway from home.
I am, in fact, home.


P.S. Many more pictures are going to be up soon, I promise!


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