[ Back to nature ]

Art is a form of expression of feelings and thoughts.
Painting, photography, poetry, tapestry, you name it.
They do not always work best alone, though, especially when intricate idealism is proposed.
More often than not, a collaboration is required to project the intended interpretation.

Art is composed of, if not inspired by, nature.
It represents the voice of the nature calling for some actions.
Or perhaps, the need to preserve the future.

Nature never ceases to amaze me with its surprises.
The height of the tallest tree does not match up to the unreachable sky.
The vast grassland is nothing compared to the boundless earth.
Our eyes is the only limit to the immense color spectrum that nature imparts to us.

Being in nature makes me feel alive.
It rejuvenates, it refreshes.
It takes away the burdens of life and casts them aside, for the moment.
It realizes the sweet taste of freedom.

Freedom, which makes me reflect upon life.
There is hunger to be accepted and loved,
to be on top of the world but not stumble.
There is thirst to be part of a community,
to interact and connect with the surroundings.

I suppose it is human nature to want to satisfy this emotional appetite.
It is neither right nor wrong.
Just like art,
it is time to go back to nature.


What is your opinion?

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