[ Journey of a lifetime ]

“I was the first man in space on my street
I had to leave my wife and kids behind
It was a chance I could not pass up on
It was the journey of a lifetime

I threw away my packing up
As they were waving me bye bye
Sometimes all I need is the air that I breathe
And the air that I breathe is so thin I get high…”

Zeds Dead – Journey of a Lifetime


September 2014:

I had to leave my comfort and pride behind. I thought it wasn’t as simple as turning a blind eye to the inconvenience of having to fend for myself 6,793 miles away from home. It was indeed that simple, especially with the independent flair I have which seems to occur naturally to me being the eldest child in the family. It’s funny how my brain is always playing tricks on me; showing me all the different possible scenarios that could play out if I were to embark solo, but yet reminding me from time to time how I managed to survive thus far since I first left my hometown 9 years ago. All I would think and hear myself saying over and again every night after I resolved to go on the journey was that it was a chance I couldn’t pass up on. Besides, we would regret the things that we didn’t do more than the things we did, most of the time. Therefore, I decided to pack my bags, begin the journey of a lifetime, and look back only when I miss it.

Now I’m looking back at the amount of time spent in planning trips a few weeks before, in order to secure tickets with the best timings at the best price; at the sing-along sessions done to entertain one another during the train rides; at the paparazzi-style moments of capturing the beautiful sceneries along the way to see who got the best shot; at the time spent in silence without feeling awkward.

I’m looking back at how much more relaxed the pace of life over there as compared to home was; at how quickly the sunny weather changed to cloudy and breezy; at how slow and peaceful life could get away from the city crowd. I’m remembering the smell of the sea being delivered to our nose by the forthcoming wind; the coarse grains of dirty black sand rubbing against our soles; the sense of newly-established harmony that enveloped us.

I’m grateful for choosing to breathe different, cooler air; to witness the different colors of nature; to enjoy the journey of a lifetime with a colorful bunch of people. I love that I didn’t pass up on the chance, even when there was a way out.


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