[ I remember you ]

I remember the heat of September sun glistening on my face, accompanying the cool autumnal breeze.
The earthy smell of fresh fruits and vegetables filled the morning air as we stepped into the Saturday market set up weekly in front of the castle.
Oh, my nose caught a whiff of freshly baked breads and grilled bacon strips which triggered hunger in my stomach for breakfast.
I remember the warmth exuded by the local farmers, greeting us with a wide smile and sharing with us what they do for a living.

I remember the medieval buildings that surrounded the market and city center, aged centuries ago.
There was a tinge of Hogwarts feelings as we cruised through the city constructed with layers of histories.
Exploration is all about finding new and unusual things before we reach our destination.
As we got lost in the excitement of discovering new places, we encountered inspirations and surprises.

I remember us meandering through narrow pathways and closes with names we couldn’t help but giggled at.
Out of that amusement, we certainly felt we had unveiled some secrets tucked nicely within the structures of the city.
My eyes flickered at the sight of green residential yards as we emerged from the seemingly mysterious and obscure trails.
I remember the familiar, homely feeling that every corner and side of the foreign city embodied.

I remember the richness in literature and arts that the city portrayed occasionally.
The bagpipe players dressed in kilts lining the main street reminded me so much of the land’s cultures.
I remember how accepting the society was towards outsiders, how appreciative and supportive the people were towards talents and gigs.

IMG_0397Surely, almost one year has passed but I remember you.


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