[ A trip turned a trap ]

Deep down, I believe that every trip is NOT the same despite it being to the same destination with the same bunch of people. There is always something different to look forward to, to experience, and to get to know. I just came back from my hometown last weekend after reliving my childhood memories and spending time […]

[ February’s update ]

I THANK YOU if you are reading this now because I cannot think of a more appealing and less obvious title. After all, I learned my lesson not to exhaust myself to beat around the bush. If you are thinking what this post is for, I promised here to create monthly updates to fulfil one of my yearly […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Objects

An object women dream of every night in their sleep. Something that signifies beauty and elegance. Chocolates in the form of shoes. Yum! Another object is what children love to crave even in their sleep. Something that brings joy and smile to their faces. A universal language of children all over the world. Sweets! An object is more than […]