Like many (or few?) of you who have a bucket list, I would like to..

  • Practise yoga
  • Lick snow (did it first in Amsterdam)
  • Perm my hair
  • Highlight my hair with strange colors (LOVED my purple-and-turquoise-streaked hair a few years ago but never doing it again)
  • Travel solo (terrifying but I DID IT!)
  • Do bungee jumping
  • Do cliff jumping
  • Do sky diving
  • Do snorkeling (did that and parasailing too in Bali)
  • Go for an overseas study exchange to preferably a European country (LIVED in Edinburgh!)
  • Learn German (as well as Spanish and Italian)
  • Play at least 5 songs on ukulele
  • See the Aurora (did that and overcame the cold night in Reykjavik)

Fingers crossed, I hope I could strike all of the above eventually.


What is your opinion?

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