[ Forgotten, but not abandoned ]

The huge black mass bulks up in one corner day in, day out; unconcerned.
The silent cry of our close ones deafens our conscience, rendering us oblivious to their crave for attention.
The worldwide issues are flashed in the media as briefly as they flash across our mind.
The piles of untouched possessions become a spotless set of trophies, collecting dust.

Nobody is taking charge of them;
Nobody is assuming responsibility, until:

The putrid air wafts out from the corner, saturating the room;
The emotional distance between our close ones and us becomes as immense as our ignorance;
The issues hit close to home and bring harm to our egocentric self;
There is no more space left to make room for the more precious ones.

It may be too late;
It may be just right on time, but:

Taking out the trash when the bag is loaded is always in the back of our mind, but sometimes left behind;
Listening to and letting our close ones open up about their troubles is within our capacity, but often overlooked;
Taking a small step of action to create a better world is all so inspiring, but nevertheless underrated;
Bracing ourselves for some good riddance is therapeutic, but certainly challenging.


This blogging platform has been a sweet, calming distraction from the stress of life for me. I have forgotten, but have definitely not abandoned it.

What is the one thing that has gone out of your mind but has all along been your therapy? :)


What is your opinion?

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