[ A good or bad deal? ]

It’s a beautiful night

We’re looking for something dumb to do

Hey baby

I think I wanna marry you

~Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars’ lyrics perfectly expressed how I have been feeling these days. Except that I was not marrying someone and on impulse. I was just purely looking for something dumb (and fun) to do, out of boredom. Let me tell you the title of the dumb thing:

Lime purchase by a cheapskate (find out who later)

I was taking on the role of a kindhearted older sister yesterday evening to accompany my sister to the nearby neighborhood with the purpose of buying lime. Three limes, to be exact. It is one of the ingredients needed for her Home Economics kitchen session in school today. About the story of how the number was three, I am going to convey here and now.

When we looked at the size of the lime and the price board in the supermarket, we were thinking to slip one or two limes into our pockets and that took care of that. However, being residents in a foreign land full of integrity that we are (and because the price of 100g of the limes is merely 25 cents – which thankfully could not hurt our wallet), we ripped a standard-sized plastic bag to contain those poor three tiny limes. Why three? I did not know, just an intuition, since two seemed too few and four seemed too much.

But the unexpected logic was revealed at the cashier. The three limes cost us 8 cents which was rounded down to 5 cents. Yeah! Yippee! Hip hip hooray!

I was murmuring while smirking to myself, “The best deal it is.”

We worked out the price calculation in our head after we left the mart feeling that we had conquered the world. Three was the ideal number after all. Two limes would also cost us 5 cents, since the averaged price of a lime was 3 cents, but we would get only two limes instead of three. An additional one lime to our final three-limes purchase would cause us to fork out 10 cents i.e. double the amount we needed to pay originally because 4×3 cents equals 12 cents. One lime would be for 5 cents as well. The mart could not have given us that one for free, could they? Oh, would they? Oh, should we have asked?

Anyway, by now you should have guessed that the cheapskate mentioned in the title was me.


Thank you for enduring another silly post of mine but I need a favor from you to vote below whether the dumb thing I did was a good or bad deal. :D

Oh, and thanks to my sister I managed to find something dumb to do just like Bruno Mars. Hope I did not look dumb.



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