[ A concurrent graduate and undergraduate title ]

Call me a graduate now! (and an undergraduate?) Well, not that titles matter to me but it is a thing to be called a graduate. It feels like you have overcome valleys and mountains, endured fire and storms, withstood pain and disappointment to get hold of that certificate which will earn you something. A job. A salary. A designer bag or a SLR camera you have long been hunting (Oops!).

It is also a thing to be entitled as an undergraduate. It (probably) shows that you are full of initiatives and passion for learning. Ever enthusiastic about upgrading yourself to be a better man or woman than you now are. Whichever category you think you are in, keep up the spirit of lifelong learning! :D

This transition phase is one of the big leaps in life and I am grateful I have made that leap unfaltering, at least in my opinion. However, another stage is coming up as I am soon to be called an undergraduate (again, but of a higher level).

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, from whatever
We will still be, friends forever

~ Vitamin C

Whenever I listened to that graduation song, it never fails to bring back memories whether good or bad. The three years I spent either by being studious or a slacker were summarized by that one-hour-something ceremony, a very small part of which I made my moment on stage to receive the very thing I have been educated for. Not only for the piece of nicely printed paper but also for all the knowledge and experiences with whomever were involved.

Enough said, let pictures do the job of speaking a thousand words (or more). ;)

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