[ How a screwdriver gets its name and others ]

Hello. I felt a tad nerdy this morning and set out for a frivolous journey to discover the logic behind the name “screwdriver” and some other stuff. In my mind.

To show that I comply with the objectives of putting up this blog i.e. to distribute love through writing, I decided to spill my thoughts out in paragraphs that you will hopefully admire in the next two to five minutes depending on the speed of reading you are at. On average, a normal person reads at about 200-350 words per minute and I think this post will be made up of merely double that figure. Therefore, you can be assured that this whole thing will not last you more than two minutes unless you are not a normal person. Anyway, that’s not the main point. So, bear with me.

I was magically inspired by a Physics lecture I attended this morning although my major is actually in Chemistry. Well, I believe the school wants the students to excel not only in one specific area. For example, in kindergarten you not only learn how to write on a piece of paper but also how to tear it. Or, not only how to peel a banana but also accidentally place the skin on the floor and let one of your friends slip. Or,.. Okay, you’ve already got the point but still not my main point. Bear.

We listened to him babbling about torque or momentum and inertia and stuff. It seemed that his voice couldn’t activate my brain early in the morning and so I stayed still. Until the screwdriver came into picture.

Source: clker.com

It wasn’t that I was fascinated by this longish mechanical tool but there was this quick quiz posed by the prof regarding this beautiful thing with black and yellow handle that made me have a screw loose. Here is what he asked:

Using a screwdriver, you try to remove a screw from a piece of furniture, but can’t get it to turn. To increase the chances of success, you should use a screwdriver that
a) is longer,
b) is shorter,
c) has a narrow handle,
d) has a wider handle.

If I were a good student, I would choose the correct answer. But not being at my usual best in the morning, I screwed off and thought to myself:

If I were in that kind of situation, I would use a screwdriver that could shout for help by itself or one that could perform self-transformation into the shape it should be to do its job or just leave the task to someone else altogether. In any case, what would I remove a screw from a piece of furniture in the first place?

Screw it!

Aha! So that’s how a screwdriver gets its name. It just drives me mad and I put screw words all over the place. I hope your screws are still intact. Pardon. And bear.

Source: octavarius.com

Oh, and by the way, this post was meant to be published yesterday and I screwed up again. Gosh!



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