[ When you have no clothes in your wardrobe ]

I think it is first world girls’ problem early in the morning or late in the evening. You knew you just splurged on that little black dress on your recent birthday. You remembered that you redeemed yourself with those pairs of heels during the girls’ night out. You realized a significant amount in your bank account was dedicated to your favourite clothing stores. Still, you seem to  have no clothes when you open your wardrobe. What is the logic behind it?

That is a mystery yet to be solved.

However, the temporary solution for now to slow down the ever-increasing rate of the stacks in your wardrobe is MIX & MATCH! These are some rules which I believe are no longer foreign to you. Sometimes we are just too lazy to think and plan. I mean, at least I am.

    1. Accessorize with different themes!
      In other words, you should invest in those bling blings and maybe a few bags, and some watches.

      Themed Accessories

    2. Style your hair differently! Wear different head accessories!
      YouTube is the best platform for hair tutorials, in my opinion. Go bold and attempt something you have not done before! Who knows it would be a trend coming from you!

      Hair styles

    3. Explore your shoe rack! Match them with your purse!
      If you do not have shoe collections, get those beautiful pairs of boots, platforms, wedges, heels! Oh, I shall head to the store soon. Should I get a purse, too?

      Shoes and purses

    4. Play around with outer wears!
      Summer, spring, autumn, or winter does not matter. There is always an outerwear for every season. Yay!

      Outerwear Ways

    5. Go to Polyvore and create your dream outfits like I do!
    6. Recycle or donate or sell your old clothes, save some bucks, and go shopping!!!

In-need-of-new-clothes cheers,


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