[ Charming details on wedding, from my perspective ]

Marriage is one of the BIG things in life journey next to birth. I attended many weddings before and the one over the last weekend was slightly different because it was my friends’. Yes, I know both the bride and the groom. Besides that, I was not merely a guest but a helper in one small part of the matrimony. In other words, I was ushering. Most of the time, I stood near the entrance and there were some charming little details which might not be noticed if I were to sit down as a wedding attendee.

Image from digital-photography-school.com

As we all know, marriage is a joyful occasion and catching every single beaming expression of the guests entering the premises just made my day. The atmosphere of happiness was simply so tangible I needed not force a smile to welcome the people. The relatives and friends of the newlyweds, from the youngest to the oldest, impressed me with their friendly gestures.

The scene of children running around before the ceremony began was common. The balloon decorations at both sides of the hall attracted their tiny hands to grab them. To avoid ruining the embellishment, I had to make empty promises that they could take it only after the event was over and until now I do not know if they did.

Watching the young ones practice their steps for the upcoming bride march-out put a spell on me. They were so adorable! One little boy, about half my height, dressed in long sleeved white shirt and black pants held the ring pillow and followed the instructions of the wedding organizer to march slowly, with such an innocent look on his face. The little flower girl came behind him and tried to harmonize the steps with a flower basket in her left hand while the right hand simulated the act of throwing flower petals to her left and right alternately.

I was also to do the honor of lifting up one side of the curtain to reveal the bride. Prior to that, I could sense the excitement as well as the nervousness of everyone behind the curtain. I felt the same, too, until I knew I missed the video montage which stirred up hoohah among the guests.

The proceedings did progress smoothly I would say. I especially loved the moment the couple exchanged their vows. It was altogether an emotional moment which moved some of us to tears. There was sincerity and heartfeltness in every word which conveyed to the audience how much and how deep the love was, is, and will be for each other.

Basically, there was so much more than what was seen upfront by the guests to result in a beautiful matrimony. A lot of things were going on backstage with the wedding planners “patrolling” to ensure that everything went well and everyone from the musicians, audio crew, video people to the photographers were ready. To organize a perfect wedding is a hassle but when we witness two individuals of different characters join hands to become one, everything just goes perfectly on its own.

Image from personalweddingideas.com



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