Colourful context

This is a superbly inspirational and awesome collection of photographs. I’m so fascinated that I couldn’t resist the thought of re-blogging it. My heart goes all out for this one! Get inspired and have a great day, my friend! :D



Morgan Rana Photography

Contrary to my last post, life is not always black and white or even different shades of grey. I find that life is enriched by a colourful assault on the senses. That’s why I love to travel and experience new things.When you arrive in a foreign land, you’re overwhelmed by different sights, smells and sounds.

Pretending just for a minute to be one of the locals in Paris, Venice or Barcelona. Trying to learn the local ways and picking up a bit of French, Italian or Spanish. It’s the difference between travelling and visiting. Back home, when you’re sharing your memories and photographs with your friends. This is what gives them colour, con text!

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