[ Five steps to survive the sub-zero temperature ]

Recently I made a trip with a friend to an ice art exhibition, brought about by the German refrigeration technology, in the heat of Singapore. If you are not living in a tropical country, imagine having a piping hot chocolate in the cold winter night while getting tucked in a soft and thick blanket by the fireplace. That is how redeeming the experience feels, except that I have to wear thick layers in the sweltering broad daylight to protect myself from the sub-zero fridge. Wait, what?

I was amazed at the distinctness of the ice sculptures, the lighting, and the snow (since I have never seen one before). Wait, was it even real? Anyhow, I will upload the pictures very soon!

I went unprepared but was fortunately smart enough not to surrender myself as a property of the exhibition.

Step 1: Cover your fingers and toes well.

I believe these are more prone to sub-zero damage since the exposed surface area is larger than any other body parts. It’s scientific, you see. Well, at least that is my presumption as I experienced a good five-minute period of frostnip on my toes. I was on the verge of getting frostbite due to my negligence.

Make sure to have gloves and socks at hand. I’m sure you want to have your best foot forward.

Oh, forget about the myth that you can’t touch your smartphone screen with gloves on. I can.

Don’t leave them hanging!

Step 2: Waterproof everything.

Observe your garments from head to toe whether there is anything that will end up getting condensations upon leaving the sub-zero degree. If yes, you ought to cover it or leave it out. If no, I bet you are a snowman.

Don’t bring along your leather coat and Louis Vuitton satchel if you are not emotionally prepared to part with them. However, be careful not to look like a walking giant plastic bag.

Fancy my little ponies?

Step 3: Love your camera as yourself.

What is a trip if none is captured on a camera? A trap!

Expect condensations as the camera is conditioned to extreme environments. Do not worry, though, because usually there will be a holding area which has the most ambient temperature to live in. Have your camera in there for a sufficient amount of time together with your patience, and voilà, there is no more crying over spilled snow!

Do to your camera what you would do to yourself.

Step 4: Lower yourself as much as possible.

I find it easier to balance myself by lowering the body’s centre of gravity (it’s all scientific, you see) when I am about to have the greatest fall of my prideful ego. They should have big yellow safety signs at every corner, shouldn’t they?

No lying on the ground, though.

But I will look pretty, won’t I?

Step 5: Move around…

when you think (unless you have brain freeze problem) that your toes seem to be falling off the joints.

Me and my not-so-happy feet.







Source of amazing images: tumblr

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