[ A thing or two about the game “Temple Run” ]

“Temple Run” is a game application downloadable in your smart phones like iPhones and, recently, Android phones (which turn out to be not-so-smart after all since they require you to keep feeding them with electricity every a few hours or so). In case you have not heard about this game before, it is not about running in the temple which people worship in. Yes, I have a friend telling me that you are not supposed to run around in a temple as it is practically impolite so why the fuss about the game. Even after my explanation, the stance abides.

It is a game preferably for fun and not for some sort of revenge or competition. That is what games are for when they were initially created but somehow that purpose has been miscommunicated over the years. I have seen many get stressed out and abandon their (mostly) studies because they fail to reach the objectives of the game. What an irony.

These are just some random thoughts and awareness from running in the temple playing the “Temple Run”.

  • Every time I see somebody on Facebook or Twitter posting about their newly achieved high score, I will feel challenged and start playing to try to surpass it. This more often than not leads to a cycle of destruction of mental and emotional stability. Beware!
  • I admire the stamina and agility of the runner jumping across big gaps, tree trunks, dashing through thousands of miles. The boldness to run across steep cliff with narrow paths also deserves a standing ovation.
  • The trip to and in the temple must be an exceptional privilege because it will probably be recorded in the near future as the temple with the longest path ever existed. Additional record in the Seven Wonders of the World list?
  • Although the runner needs to escape from the physically-fit black demonic gorilla-like beasts, he gets the opportunity to collect coins which are so lavishly supplied along the temple paths. No wonder he does not mind staying right in the temple.
  • The coins collected can be traded for power-ups which include magnet to attract coins (and the game player a.k.a. me), invisibility to pass whatever obstacles ahead (so finally my thumb sore from swiping can be rested for a while), boost to ease the player from boredom of going through similar looking paths, and even wings to resurrect from the death! I wonder if it could be real in our world.
  • I am forever curious about the durability of the runner’s outfit that even though he jumps a lot, slides on the ground a lot, his outfit stays as brand new and intact as he first wore it. The clothing designer must be very smart and rich, eh?

Anyway, there is no point in complaining since a game is just an unreal realm where you get frustrated for losing and exhilarated for winning. It is where what you wish found in real life can actually be realized with all the imagination the game programmers and designers are capable of fabricating. Just do not get too drowned in it, my friend. Our real life is still much more beautiful without all that running.



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