[ Words into drawings ]

The other day my ten-year-old sister asked me for help to do her English homework which was to illustrate an analogy. I was unsure that she, as a matter of fact, even understood what an analogy is all about. At the level of art and language interpretation skills that she currently is (no offense intended but the truth stands), one that could be suggested without much thinking was the simile “as packed as sardines”. Despite it being somewhat simple to illustrate, I refused to draw it out on her behalf, for her own good, they say. As a result, the cutest drawing I have ever seen from her blew me away and that incited some giggling. See below to laugh together with me. :)

My sister's drawing to illustrate "as packed as sardines"

This can add onto the list of why I would want a younger sister. She can brighten up your day once in a while!

Thanks to her assignment, I received an inspiration for this post. I was truly amazed that primary school kids nowadays are taught to be far deeper learners than when I was younger. In my opinion, having to translate words into pictures is not an easy job for the brain at such age where there is much more information to take in. Having mentioned that, there are some artistically gifted kids who are designed for that. I was testing myself whether I am one of them, and hence the sketches below. Ha-ha! Enjoy!

Well, I guess, I am not too bad. Too bad.



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