Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Do I have a New Year resolution? Nope.

I have plenty of them!

This time, let ONE picture speak the thousand seventy six words of my sort of resolutions for 2013.

Resolutions at the beach

For the benefit of those who can’t read a picture (I mean, who actually can?), I will spell out those 76 seventy six words. :)

  • Have more FUN!
  • Spend more time with my loved ones. Love more.
  • Take more time to enjoy the beauty of my surroundings, just like the little boy.
  • Exercise more in many different fun ways including keeping my back off the sand with one elbow.
  • Have more FUN!
  • Do more silly stuff like using a long foam stick to get hold of the swimming tire. Just kidding.
  • Have more FUN!
  • Did I mention having more fun already?

What are your resolutions?



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